Workout For Chest – Prepare To Get Jacked ASAP

workout for chest

You Need To Do This Workout For Chest If You Want A Hollywood Chest

Let’s see what are the best chest exercises. There are many possible exercises to perform in a gym but not all are equally effective.

This does not mean that we should continually do the same chest exercises since variety is a basic rule to obtain results.

Still, there is no doubt that there are some exercises which are more effective than others and these are the ones that should form the basis of your chest routine.

The Best Chest Exercises

Barbell Bench Press

Without a doubt, this is the king of chest exercises and a reliable indication of the strength of each individual. It is one of the basics that should not be left out from your routine.

There are different variants of this exercise (incline, flat, decline). This muscle building exercise works the triceps and shoulders as secondary muscles to such an extent that many people who base their training on heavy presses do not perform any additional triceps exercises.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

It is as effective as the barbell bench press and also has other benefits associated with the use of dumbbells.

It is the exercise that works the most stabilizing muscles and because the route is done in a completely natural way, it’s less harmful than other guided exercises. It is also safer because the possibility of being trapped under the bar in a heavy workout disappears.

Other chest exercises that are especially recommended are the following:

Incline barbell bench press
Machine flyes
Incline dumbbell flyes
Cable crossovers

Note: Although flyes with free weights are undoubtedly an excellent exercise, machine or pulley flyes maintain the tension during the entire exercise interval, more than in the free weight version.

You can see more exercises in the other chest workouts on this site.

Different Workout For Chest Routines

Next we will see different groupings of exercises to form a routine. Being examples, we will only put the exercises, the number of sets and repetitions will vary according to the objectives, but in general this distribution of the exercises will give you good results.

Routines Based On Free Weights

Bench Press
Incline dumbbell bench press
Flyes on a flat bench
Flyes on an inclined bench

Routine With Free Weights And Machines

Dumbbell bench press on a flat bench
Incline chest press machine
Machine flyes
Pulley crossovers

Basic Strength And Hypertrophy Routine

Bar bench press
Machine flyes
Incline dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell flyes on an inclined bench

Classic Pre-Stretching Routine

Flyes on a flat bench
Barbell bench press
Flyes on an inclined bench
Incline barbell bench press

Total Press Routine

Barbell bench press
Incline barbell bench press
Decline barbell bench press


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