The Ultimate Six Pack Workout For Jaw Dropping Abs

six pack workout

If You Want Abs Of Steel Then This Is The Six Pack Workout For You

You probably know this already but in order to get a set of well sculpted abs you’re going to have to be consistent with your training in the gym and have proper diet that you follow to the best of your ability.

Once this is achieved you’ll be sporting a fine set of washboard abs that will make anyone jealous. It becomes a testament to the many hours of hard training you’ve endured as well as giving a good indication of your overall health and low body fat levels.

If you want to bring about those elusive but worthwhile six pack abs then be sure to try out this ab program.

The Best Six Pack Workout Program For Shredded Abs

This particular program starts off with only one set per exercise. Your target reps for each exercise is 8 to 12.

If at any point you can hit the maximum number of reps for all exercises without losing proper form then it’s time to add another set to each exercise with a rest of 90 to 120 seconds between those sets.

Ab Exercise #1 – Pike

Get on the ground and lie face up with your body in a straight line. Keeping your legs and torso straight, lift yourself up until you form a 45 degree angle between your torso and legs. Basically, you should look like the letter ‘V’.

From this position, trace your hands along the sides of your legs going as high and far as you can without rounding your back at all. Bring your hands back down your legs to complete one repetition.

This is a very small movement so focus on your abs doing all the work to move your upper body instead of using any momentum or jerking motion.

Ab Exercise #2 – Cable Side Bend

Get to a cable station and attach a handle to the low pulley. Grab the handle with your right hand and stand so that your right side also faces the weights.

Stand up straight, take a step or two to your left and begin by bending to your right side while keeping your torso and legs straight. Perform all the necessary repetitions and do the same for your left side.

Although this exercises is focused on your obliques and not directly on your abs, it’s important to develop a complete mid section which includes the obliques. You’ll be glad you did once the results come which is why this six pack workout is so effective.

Ab Exercise #3 – Weighted Crunch

This is the classic ab crunch that everyone is familiar with but to really get your abs to grow you actually need to add enough resistance so you don’t end up doing 500 reps.

Lie on your back as normal, keep your feet flat on the ground and bend your knees so they form the letter ‘A’. Now take a light weight plate with both hands and while keeping them straight, hold the weight plate directly overhead.

Keep the weight overhead with straight arms throughout this exercise. Slowly curl your head and shoulders off the ground and perform a crunch.

Make sure to concentrate on making your abs do all the work. Use a light weight that allows you to maintain correct form and if need be you can lock your feet to something to keep yourself stable.

Ab Exercise #4 – Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

For this exercise you’ll need to use a captain’s chair. The move is pretty straight forward.

Get into position with your back against the padding, take hold of the handles and without swinging your legs, lift your straight legs so they’re parallel with the ground. Lower your legs to complete one repetition.

Make sure the not let your legs drop completely straight down at the end of a rep but keep some tension on your muscles by bringing them down to a few degrees short of being completely straight.

If this move is too difficult you can make it easier by bring your knees towards your chest instead of keeping your legs straight. Over time, move over to the straight leg version. It will really build abdominal strength like nothing else.

Ab Exercise #5 Stability Ball Plank

This is just like a regular plank but you’ll be resting your feet on a stability ball instead of just on the floor.

To begin, get into a standard push up position and put your feet on the ball. Make sure your body forms a straight line and keep your hands just slightly ahead of your shoulders instead of being directly under them.

Hold this position for one minute while imagining you’re trying to press your belly button towards your spine. This will count as one complete set.

Ab Exercise #6 – Windshield Wiper

Lie face up on the ground and keep your hands under your butt with your palms facing down.

To begin, raise your straightened legs off the ground so that they form a 90 degree angle with your torso. At this point, twist your legs to the left as far as they can go while they stay together and your torso stays perpendicular.

Bring your legs back to an overhead position and lower them to and inch or two above the ground. Don’t let them rest.

Bring them up again so they’re overhead and then twist your legs to the right as far as they can go. Bring your legs to an overhead position again and lower to an inch above the ground. This counts as one repetition.

That wraps up the best six pack workout. If you want the same awesome results for any other body part, definitely check out the other recommended workouts.


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