Mike Tyson Workout – How To Become A Beast

mike tyson workout

Follow The Legendary Mike Tyson Workout And Become Like Iron Mike Himself

Even if you’re not a boxing fan, you know the name Mike Tyson.

Although he is 178 cm tall and small for a heavyweight division, he has defeated huge opponents one after another with outstanding speed and punching power.

How was he able to toughen his body like this? Let’s take a look at the training routine that make him the boxing legend that he is.

Mike Tyson’s training is super hard, clocking in at 7 days a week. No off days!

Under the guidance of Cus D’Amato, a trainer who raised many famous champions, Tyson gained a lot of strength.

Tyson listened to D’Amato obediently because he was taken care of both publicly and privately as a substitute for Tyson’s father who was naive after the juvenile training school.

D’Amato died before Tyson won the throne, but his student Kevin Rooney continued to be a trainer and continued on the winning streak.

After winning the throne, Tyson was confused by the number of adults who flocked to the money and suddenly fired Rooney, leaving only a Yes-Man around him.

It was only natural that the brilliance of his boxing heyday was gradually lost.

The following is the rigorous training routine used by Tyson when he was at his strongest.

Mike Tyson’s Daily Training Schedule

Road Work In The Morning

Road work (running) is a basic training protocol performed by all boxers. Tyson would be out on the road every morning at 5 AM and do a 5km run.

“After that, after jumping into the box 10 times and doing 10 short-distance dashes , I took a shower and went to bed again. It was my daily routine to get up at 10 o’clock and eat oatmeal.”

Doing this early morning training before eating and not after breakfast is referred to as running on an empty stomach and has the benefit of burning body fat efficiently.

Sparring During The Day

Gym work started from noon. This consisted of 10 rounds of sparring in the ring as well as skipping rope and shadow boxing.

“Except before the game, sparring is usually a few rounds of normal practice. You can see how much you have developed a sense of game by performing a lot of practical routines.”

Lunch At 2 PM

“Afternoon lunch from 2 o’clock. Fruit juice to steak and pasta.”

It seems that the petite Tyson had a well-thought-out eating plan for building a heavyweight body.

“Unless you’re in pre-match weight loss, eating a lot of protein from beef will repair your tired muscles, and the carbohydrates in your pasta may will be your energy source.

Gym Work from 3 PM Again

“I will practice in the ring again from 3 PM. I repeated training with mitts and heavy bags.”

Even a boxer as strong as Tyson still needs basic repetitive practice. By practicing, you will learn to move naturally without thinking in the game.

“After that, I will row an exercise bike for 1 hour.”

It’s hard to convey in writing just how taxing this is but it takes a great deal to ride a bike for an hour after practicing so hard. There is no doubt that this improved Tyson’s cardiovascular capacity and created a strong lower body.

Muscle Training In The Evening

Circuit training starts at 5 PM.

This intense training session included 200 sit-ups, 25-40 dips, 50 push-ups, another 25-40 dips and 50 barbell shrugs. That’s just full on beast mode training! We expect nothing less from a Mike Tyson workout.

“I also bridged for 10 minutes to train my neck.”

In boxing, where you get punched in the gut a lot, well-developed abs will act as a shield.

Also, if you get punched in the face you can easily get knocked out and end up with a concussion but by strengthening the neck you’ll be less likely to go down.

The accumulation of this hardcore training methodology created the body of a real life Iron Man who wouldn’t be taken down.

Supper At 7 PM

For dinner, starting at 7 PM, Tyson would have another course of steak, pasta and fruit juice, just like he did for his 2 PM lunch.

Mike, who spent the early years of his life in poverty may not have been particular about food until after he gained wealth and fame.

The average person may get bored of this eating plan but if you have a clear goal, your diet will be regarded and accepted as part of your training.

Exercise Bike Before Bedtime

“From 8 PM, I will row the exercise bike again for 30 minutes, watch TV and go to bed.”

That covers a full training day for Mike Tyson from 5 AM to 8 PM.

You can see how devoted he was to boxing. This unwavering commitment to his goals is what eventually led to him becoming one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Do you have what it takes to do this Mike Tyson workout for just a day?