Love Handle Workouts For A Super Sexy Six Pack

love handle workouts

5 Love Handle Workouts That Melt Fat Away

There are many reasons why you can gain weight and lots of them are valid. For example, you may gain weight because you’re demotivated and don’t really care how you look.

There are holiday seasons and bulk seasons where you might allow yourself a little more leeway and give yourself a couple extra cheat days.

Maybe you’re between jobs or newly married or some other major phase of your life is in effect and you just can’t put 100% focus in your health routine. It’s OK. It happens. We’ve all been there. Don’t beat yourself up. That’s what the programs below are for πŸ™‚

The workout programs that follow will allow you to get back on track and look your best in no time at all as you melt fat off workout after workout and gain some muscle along the way too.

Feel free to add these love handle workouts as complementary workouts to your regular routine or add them in as cardio workouts. Try all of them of just the ones that work for you based on your personal preference and equipment availability as well as your fitness level.

Oblique Workout 1 – The At-Home Bodyweight Blaster

The benefits of working out at home are many. You don’t need to buy any equipment, you can do them at any time in any space and if you do need to use some equipment you can use makeshift items or get really cheap ones.

On top of that, you won’t have to wait for other people to finishing using a machine or and you don’t even need to pay any membership fees! No worrying about leaving your valuables in a locker or inadvertently seeing naked people either.

One of the downsides to at-home workouts is the fact that you will need to be especially disciplined to stick to your workouts as there are so many more distractions in your home environment and other temptations than you’d find at a regular gym.

Workout Breakdown

This is going to be a standard circuit workout in which you do all the listed exercises in order with no rest between them and then you’ll take a 2-3 minute break after a completed circuit. You will do 4-6 complete circuits and each exercise should aim for 10-15 repetitions.

If you can more repetitions within each circuit then increase the numbers accordingly for your next session.


Plyometric Push Up
Jump Squat
Plank (20 second hold)
Mountain Climber
Reverse Lunge
Bicycle Crunch

Oblique Workout 2 – Metcon Madness

What on earth is metcon? It’s short for metabolic conditioning and technically, that term can be used to describe all of the workouts listed on this page but with this particular workout, the aim is to get your metabolism elevated long after your workout is complete to help you achieve maximum fat loss for all of your workout efforts.

Workout Breakdown

The key difference with this workout is that instead of a typical switch from upper and lower body movements, you’ll do a few exercises all the same body part before moving onto the next body part focused group of exercises until you complete the circuit.

This will really push your muscular endurance to the limits as you progress on subsequent exercises. Again, try to do 4-6 circuits doing 10-15 repetitions for each exercise in the listed order and resting only 2-3 minutes between circuits.


Foot-Elevated Bulgarian Split Squat
Jump Squat
Push Up
Diamond Push Up With Feet Elevated
Push Up On Bench
Close-Grip Pull Up
Wide-Grip Pull Up
Inverted Row

Oblique Workout 3 – Killer Kettlebells

Why use kettlebells? Well not only are they fairly cheap and suitable to use in just about any exercise you can imagine but they’re also easy to carry and move around which is why they’ve been around for such a long time.

What makes kettlebells a little bit special when compared to regular dumbbells is the fact that they have an unbalanced center which means you’ll need to work harder to balance these things, resulting in some really nice fat burning results in a short time frame.

Workout Breakdown

Just like the previous love handle workouts, you’ll be doing about 4-6 complete circuits with exercises of 10-15 repetitions, however, it’s important to note that when it comes to training with kettlebells you really need to pay attention to your form and not do wild swinging motions.

Keep your body nice and firm and always control the weight and don’t round or hyper extend your back.

Make safety your number one priority. Fat burning definitely comes second to that.


Goblet Squat
Front Single Arm Swing
Suitcase Lunge
Single Arm Clean And Press
Renegade Row With Opposite Hand On Floor
Single Arm Overhead Squat

Oblique Workout 4 – Single Dumbbell Gains

If you’re looking for variety or simply don’t have access to kettlebells then look no further for a fat blasting workout.

The trusty dumbbell is what you’ll be using and the benefit of this classic piece of training equipment is that you can use them literally anywhere you want. Use them at home, at the gym, on the road, anywhere.

Workout Breakdown

I’m sure you’ve guessed it. 10-15 repetitions for 4-6 circuits and resting just 2-3 minutes between circuits.

Something that you need to keep in mind with all of these circuit workouts is that you’re not trying to gain slabs of muscle but instead, you’re trying to rev up your metabolism to burn lots of fat and keep it off.

Your goal isn’t to train to muscular failure but to challenge yourself and work up a sweat while maintaining a good pace throughout the circuits. Reduce the number of reps you do if your muscles are fatiguing early on.


Sumo Squat
Staggered Push Up With One Hand On A Dumbbell
Weighted Leg Lift
Single Arm Dumbbell Clean And Press
Single Arm Curl And Press (Alternate hands on each repetition)
Single Arm Overhead Lunge
Weighted Crunch

Oblique Workout 5 – The Classic

This workout, unlike all the others, incorporates the staples of bodyweight exercises and includes compound moves like chin ups, push ups and tricep dips. Exercises don’t make it into the “classic” category for no reason.

These exercises will actually help you develop functional strength which translates to better gains when you decide to graduate from fat loss workouts to muscle building workouts.

Workout Breakdown

This circuit is actually different to all the others in that you won’t be doing 10-15 reps of each exercise.

You’ll still be doing 4-6 circuits with 2-3 minutes of rest between circuits but for all exercises you’ll do as many reps as possible and then move on to the next exercise until you complete the circuit.


Single Leg Lunge
Push Up
Bodyweight Squat
Pull Up
Incline Bench Sit Up

These love handle workouts are more than enough to get you to your ideal physique. Start today. Right now. Your (near) future self will thank you for it.