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inner chest workout

How To Develop The Ideal Chest With An Inner Chest Workout

Would you like to know how to develop the inner chest? As you already know, developing the inner part of the chest is an important part of attaining that lofty goal of a superhero chest.

And let’s be honest, the separation in the “inner chest” gives a robust and defined appearance. 

But, what is the most effective way to focus training specifically on this area? Is this really possible? 

What are the best exercises, workouts and tips to deepen the inner groove of the chest with maximum efficiency?

Can The Internal Pectoral Be Developed?

If you search Google you’ll find a ton of different articles and videos showing how the bench press and its variants supposedly “isolate” the internal fibers of the pectorals, however, if you take a look at the anatomy of the pectoral muscle and how the fibers develop, you will see that it is NOT possible to specifically isolate the inner chest without involving the middle and outer fibers at the same time. 

A basic review of the anatomy of the pectorals shows that the pectoralis major basically consists of 2 sets of fibers: the “superior” clavicular fibers and the “inferior” sternocostal fibers.

The clavicular fibers originate in the clavicle and are inserted in the humerus (this portion is generally called “the upper chest”), while the fibers of the sternocostal are originated in the sternum and are inserted into the humerus (this portion is commonly referred to as the “lower chest”).

Because each of these sets of fibers has its own origin and unique insertion points, it is possible to specifically target the upper and lower part of the chest by using different press and fly exercises at different angles. 

The tilting movements will shift the emphasis towards the superior clavicular fibers, while the flat and declined movements will specifically affect the inferior sternocostal fibers. 

In terms of training specific areas of the chest to increase muscle size, this is all we can do.

Just so we’re on the same page, let me repeat – you cannot isolate or directly affect the development of the “inner chest” because anatomically speaking, there’s no such thing. 

It does not matter what specific exercises, angles or training techniques you use. If you want to stimulate what many call the inner chest then the “middle” and “external” portion of those fibers should be stimulated. 

This does not mean that this area can not be developed, it just means that training can not be specifically directed to this area.

In summary, in order to develop a deep inner groove of the pectorals, you simply have to focus on developing the chest as a whole. 

As your pectorals become larger and stronger, over time, your inner chest will also grow. 

Using different and advanced techniques to get a better contraction in your inner chest and gain more size specifically in this area is just a waste of time and effort.

It can potentially have negative effects if you get distracted. 

The only possible factor to consider here is that: since the inferior fibers of the sternocostal adhere to the sternum, the development of these fibers will probably have a more noticeable impact on your goal. 

For this reason, the best exercises for the inner chest are (technically) any type of press or fly done at a flat or declined angle. 

In conclusion, stop worrying about “inner chest workout” or “outer chest workout” chest and just focus on maximizing the development of the pectorals as a whole.

How? Through an appropriate selection of exercises, by applying the correct technique and performing a progressive overload aimed at muscle hypertrophy. 

You’ll see that with time you will get closer and closer to reaching your ideal chest goal.


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