Good Bicep Workouts That Deliver Great Results

good bicep workouts

If You Use These Good Bicep Workouts, Expect To Gain Some Serious Size

The list of bicep exercises below are going to shift the way you look at bicep training. They’re also going to dramatically increase the size of your arms as well.

There are four phases to this program with each phase lasting one week and making use of four different exercises.

If you think about it for just a second, biceps are one of the least neglected muscle groups there are. For most gym goers, they probably take second place only to the chest.

If you aren’t seeing the type of gains you’re looking for then we can rule out dedication because there are some people who only believe in “arm day” yet the results are lacking.

This is where the workouts have to be tuned with simple yet highly effective changes that will kick your arm growth into the next gear.

How To Get Bigger Biceps

The next four weeks are going to be a serious challenge for your biceps as far as intensity goes but you’ll also be focusing on the finer details from one workout to the next.

There will be a different focal point of the biceps that will be tackled in each weekly phase of the program.

Although you’ll be familiar with many of the exercises and techniques that will be employed throughout this bicep routine, some of the exercises and training protocols will be new to you which will give you an even bigger benefit and growth potential.

Keep in mind that if you want, you can perform any particular week of work consecutively, meaning if you like the development you’re getting from week 3 for example, you can perform week 3’s routine again the following week before continuing with week 4.

Lastly, the weight that should be used for each exercise should be one that causes you to reach failure within the outlined rep range. Below, you’ll also find a list of different intensity methods which will really rock your world and your biceps as well.

This is what takes ordinary arm workouts and turns them into really good bicep workouts. Make sure to only use these techniques on your last sets where you see the * symbol.

Intensity Methods

Whenever you see the * symbol you should select a single intensity method for that exercise and only use it on the final set for that exercise.

Drop Sets

When you’re using really heavy weights and you complete your set, immediately use a lighter set of dumbbells if you’re using those, or move the pin up the weight stack if you’re using a machine or remove equal amounts of weight from both sides of a barbell if that’s what you’re using.

Proceed to bang out as many reps as possible with this lower weight and when you reach failure, repeat the process again to smash your biceps even further.

Partial Repetitions

These are repetitions with very small ranges of motion. You choose to either do reps at the top part of a movement only, the bottom part of the middle.

Most people will do partial reps in the easier part of a regular rep such as the top part of bicep curl where the weight is near your shoulders.

Rest/Pause Sets

This method aims to help you get more reps out of a weight that would normally only allow you to do 5-6 reps. The difference is that instead of doing the 5 or 6 reps, you only do 2-3 reps and take a short break of up to 20 seconds.

Do another 2-3 reps and take a break. Then do a maximum number of reps and after a small break start the process over once more.

Forced Repetitions

This needs the help of a training partner. Once you’ve reached failure for a set, your partner helps you move the weights just enough to get you past any sticking points and you try and keep the weight moving up and down.

They’re doing some of the work for you but not all of it.

This concludes all the intensity methods you can merge with your good bicep workouts to take your muscle gain to the next level.