Chest Workouts For Women – Create A Firm Chest

chest workouts for women

Chest Workouts For Women Like This Help You Enhance Your Bust In A Month

A good diet and a basic sports routine help to enhance and tone the bust.

Motherhood, weight loss, hormonal changes or, simply, the passage of time, can all cause your breasts to lose volume and elasticity.

Before opting for cosmetic surgery to enhance them or spend money on creams that promise to reduce the flaccidity, you should definitely try to modify your exercise routines as well as do exercises focusing on your neckline.

Achieving a natural breast enhancement is totally possible, although you’ll need to maintain a consistent routine, according to recent research. Training the chest twice a week for 15 minutes combined with a good diet gives dramatic results after just 8 training sessions!

Specifically, the chest will be more toned and your bust will be more enhanced. No complaints there.

This routine which is designed to enhance the care of your breasts can be complemented with sports such as swimming or Pilates. This will result in a complete workout of all muscle groups that will have a direct beneficial impact on the upper body.

As a whole, physical activity will improve your state of health and delays the signs of aging. These benefits will also extend to your neckline due to these moderate workouts.

Chest Workouts For Women To Enhance The Bust

Train at least twice a week

Regardless of the frequency with which sport is practiced, the exercises to tone the chest should be performed at least twice a week. Including a third day of pectoral training will mean obtaining results in a shorter period of time and the possibility of varying the number of exercises between days of training.

Use a rep range of 12 to 15 repetitions

The exclusive exercises to tone and strengthen the breasts will last approximately 15 minutes a day. The appropriate ratio consists of performing 3 sets of between 12 and 15 repetitions each with a break of between 30 and 45 seconds between each set.

Combine toning and aerobic work

The specific exercises of strength and toning to strengthen the breasts should be combined with aerobic work to reduce overall fat and increase calorie intake. This will also reduce the volume of fat surrounding the pectorals.

Scapular retraction

When performing the exercises it is important to maintain the correct posture. To do this, the scapulae must be brought together and the chest removed while the training is being performed (scapular retractation). This is key to get a greater sense of work and greater pectoral isolation. In other words, exercise only the pectoral muscles, without assistance from neighboring muscle groups, so that the applied force is greater.

Perform warm ups

Also, as with any sport or physical activity, it will be necessary to dedicate a few minutes to warm-up exercises to avoid muscle injuries. With 5 or 10 minutes of warm-up movements the body will be ready for the training session.

Avoid foods with added sugars

Remember that reducing the intake of sugars, refined flours and processed foods will reduce the percentage of fat and achieve a better muscle tone, including the chest area.

Four Exercises To Strengthen The Chest

It’s recommended that you perform the following exercises daily for female breast care. It’s also recommended that you use light dumbbells if possible. If you do not have access to them you can work the area with small plastic bottles filled with water or sand.

Push Ups

Experts point out that this exercise is foundational to working the chest because it demands a lot of energy for its execution and you only need your own body, so it can be done anywhere.

It can be performed with the palms and knees on the floor. Keep the trunk parallel to the floor and the abdomen contstantly engaged as you push yourself up and lower yourself down. If you’re stronger, you can rest your toes on the ground and perform a regular push up.

Dumbbell Presses

This exercise is done lying face down on a bench, with the help of dumbbells. The arms pass from an extended position to 90 degrees between the shoulder and the wrist. The same bench can be used to support the back against a backrest, with the stomach inwards and the feet resting on the floor to lift the weights in front of the chest up to the shoulders.

Dumbbell Flyes

From a horizontal position face up and with a weight in each hand, the arms are kept with a very slight bend in them. From this starting position the arms are separated until they are crossed and returned to the previous position, slowly and with caution. The weight of the dumbbells will depend on your level of physical conditioning.


To end your training you should stretch the worked muscles to avoid stiffness and facilitate recovery. While standing,extended both your arms backwards until you feel pressure in the pectorals and shoulders to relax the worked muscles. Holding each position for 30 seconds should be enough.

That’s all you need from these chest workouts for women to firm and enhance your bust in as little as one month! For more body sculpting guides, be sure to check out the other sections for each body part.