Butt Workouts – Get A Firmer Butt In No Time At All

butt workouts

Looking For The Best Butt Workouts? This Guide Will Give You The Firmest Butt Ever!

The most important thing to know when it comes to your butt is that to give it a lift you need to build muscle.

Basically, it’s lean developed muscle that adds dimension to your backside and achieves a well-rounded and natural look that will make men do a double take on you when you walk by.

In as little as 5 minutes you’ll be able to use this workout which consists of a strength training circuit to hit your glutes (butt muscles) from every conceivable angle. This will lead to a well-sculpted and lifted posterior.

If you’ve got the world’s flattest butt or a behind that gets lower by the decade, you’ll find the best posterior program no matter what nature blessed you with.

The Best Butt Workouts Ever

This workout will be performed as a circuit. Each exercise in the circuit will consist of 20-30 repetitions and with just the right leg at first. Don’t stop to rest between any exercise.

When you’ve completed the circuit with your right leg, proceed to repeat with just the left leg. Once you’ve completed one round for both legs, repeat the circuit so each leg does a total of two circuits.

Aim to do this butt blasting workout three times a week and include another high intensity workout of your choice to maximize your results.

Exercise 1 – Rear Raisers

Get down on all fours and extend your right leg so it’s straight behind you. Now let your leg cross the left leg and begin by tapping the ground with your toe. Give those glutes a good squeeze and lift the right leg so it’s parallel with the ground again.

Repeat the toe tapping move and make sure to not arch your back during this exercise.

This exercise will target the upper part of the outer side glute muscles.

Exercise 2 – Killer Kicks

Once again, get on all fours but this time take your right leg which should be bent at the knee and rotate it 90 degrees out to your right side keeping it parallel to the ground as if you were kneeling against a wall and the floor at the same time.

Next, kick outward by straightening your leg and focus on squeezing your muscles throughout the movement. Return to the starting 90 degree position and repeat.

This exercise targets the sides of your hips right through to the meaty middle part of the buttocks.

Exercise 3 – Perky Lifts

You guessed it. To begin, start on all fours and extend your right leg behind you so that it’s parallel to the floor. Lift your leg slightly higher than parallel and from this position write the letter ‘P’ in the air with your toes starting from the bottom of the letter. Every time you write the letter ‘P’, return to the parallel position and repeat.

This exercise hits the center and outer glute muscles.

Exercise 4 – Lift It Up

With this exercise you also get on all fours and position your straightened right leg out to your right side so that it’s parallel to the ground and forms a 90 degree angle with your body.

From here, bob your leg up and down in a very small range of about one inch using a medium speed.

This exercise targets the center and sides of your glutes.

Exercise 5 – Booty Boxes

For this move, you start on all fours again with your right leg behind you, nice and straight. From this position, use your toes to draw an imaginary box in a clockwise direction and then immediately draw the box in an anti-clockwise direction.

Try to focus on getting a good squeeze in your glutes with each box you draw.

This move hits the middle and upper glute muscles.

If you stick to these great butt workouts you’ll notice a firmer behind in as little as a couple weeks so get started today!