Booty Workout – Ready For Your Sexiest Butt Ever?

booty workout

This Booty Workout Gives You The Perfect Booty In Just Minutes A Day

We all know why we’re here. You want a great booty. An incredible butt! Let’s cut straight to the chase with the 11 exercises you need right now to sculpt the best butt of your life.

Squat Side Lunge

Do a squat keeping the knees bent. From that position, take a step out with the left foot, keeping the knees bent in a squat position. Take a step with the right foot to return to the starting position. Continue walking sideways until you complete 10 steps to the left and then 10 to the right. Perform this set of 20 repetitions 4 more times.

Squat With Jump

Standing with your feet slightly apart, lower yourself as slowly as possible. When going up, do it with a jump. Go back down.

Do 8 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

Hip Thrusts

They should change the name of this exercise to “Perfect Butt Thrusts” because that’s what will happen if you keep doing these!

Place a mini band on your knees and lie on your back on the floor with your legs bent and the soles of your feet facing each other.

Raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line from the knees to the shoulders, then push the knees out.

Stop for up to three seconds and return to the starting position. That counts as one repetition.

Do 5 sets of 15 repetitions.

Squat With Lateral Elevation

Hold a pair of dumbbells next to your body and stand with your feet open and aligned with your hips

Contract the abdomen and lower the body into a squat position.

When you return to the starting position, lift your leg to the right in a lateral position and raise your arms until they are aligned with your shoulders.

Alternate the legs and complete a total of 20 repetitions. Perform 4 more sets.

Plank with Leg Elevation

Put yourself in a plank position, with your forearms resting on the floor, your elbows just below your shoulders and your legs stretched out behind you, with your feet apart at hip width. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.

Keeping your hips parallel to the floor, contract the buttocks to separate the right foot a few centimeters from the floor. Hold for two seconds, then lower your foot. That counts as one repetition. Do 5 sets of 20 repetitions.

Swiss Ball Leg Curls

Lie on your back with your arms extended and aligned with your shoulders and with your ankles resting on a stability ball.

Contract the buttocks and separate the hip from the floor while pulling the ball towards your butt using your heels.

Go back to the initial position and repeat it. Do this 10 times for a total of 5 sets.

Resistance Band Squats

Stand with a mini band strung just above the knees with your feet shoulder width apart.

Push your hips back and bend the knees to lower the body as much as possible, pushing the knees out to work against the resistance of the band. Pause, then press slowly to return to the starting position. This counts as one repetition.

Do 6 sets of 15 repetitions.

Single Leg Deadlift With Alternating Legs

No booty workout should be without this exercise. If you were to skip on some exercises, don’t skip on this one!

Use a dumbbell between two to seven kilos in each hand and stand on your right leg separating the left a few inches behind you.

With your back straight, lean forward from the waist until your body is almost parallel to the floor. The dumbbells should stay aligned with your shoulders.

Go back to the starting position. This counts as one repetition. Do 12 and then change legs. Do a total of 6 sets for each leg.

Balancing Lunge With Arms Overhead

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with your arms at your sides. Raise the right knee until the thigh is parallel to the floor and raise your arms above your head with your palms together.

Hold this position for five seconds, then lower your right foot slowly in front of you until you end up in a lunge position.

Bring the left leg to the front and return to the starting position. This counts as one repetition. Do 10 to 12 with each leg, alternating sideways. Do a total of 6 sets.

Aerobic Stepper Lunge To Squat

Grab a pair of dumbbells between two to seven kilos at hip height and stand in front of an aerobic stepper with your right foot on it. Push the chest slightly forward and bend the right knee to a 90 degree angle.

From this position, bring your left foot to the front to join the right one on the bench, perform a squat and hold this position for two seconds.

Stand up and return to the starting position. This counts as one repetition. Do it with the other leg. Perform 10 to 12 reps with each leg for a total of 5 sets.

Squat With Kick

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, your hands behind your head and your elbows flared out at your sides. Bend your knees and push your hips back, lowering as much as you can.

Push yourself to return to the starting position then give a front kick with the right leg, flexing your foot.

This counts as one repetition. Do it again by kicking with the left leg and continue alternating. Do 20 reps and rest 30 seconds. Repeat for a total of 4 sets.

That’s all there is to changing your butt for the better. Give this booty workout a shot and don’t be surprised when you have a perfect behind!