Bigger Butt Workouts For A Sexier, Firmer Butt

bigger butt workouts

These Bigger Butt Workouts Really Work. Do The Work And Get A Perfect Butt

This deadweight variation sculpts your ass in an incredible way. Do this one move and you can have a great butt starting today.

So how exactly can you perfectly carve your butt? Well, the best movement that offers the most impact and development is the single-leg Romanian deadlift.

You’re probably already very familiar with the classic deadlift which is to hold weights while you’re standing, then bend at the hips and lowering the weights to the middle of the shin and then back up.

The deadlift mainly tones the buttocks and the hamstrings but this variation will favor those muscles even more and will challenge them in a totally new way.

That’s because it forces you to incorporate other muscle groups. When you do it correctly, you must concentrate on balancing yourself on one leg and not only work your glutes and hamstrings but also your core.

Basically, it is an exercise that drives your entire body in a simple movement.

The Bigger Butt Workouts Breakdown

Let’s break it down: take two dumbbells, kettlebells or a bar.

Start with a light weight; If you feel you begin to wobble easily and as you balance the weight, it moves back and forth after completing the exercise a couple of times then the weight is too light.

On the other hand, if you feel that the weight is catching you and you have no control over it, it is probably too heavy and you should decrease the weight.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the weights in your hands. Choose which leg you will balance on, and bend that knee slightly.

Next, bend your hips while keeping your spine in a neutral position, which means you do not want to bend your back, while lifting the opposite straight leg behind you.

As you bend at the waist and your leg becomes parallel to the ground, lower the weights in front of you to the middle of your shins. At this point, your raised leg will probably form a straight line with your back.

Slowly raise your back while lowering your leg. Squeeze your butt when you return to the starting position and then repeat the movement while you raise the other leg.

This is a very difficult movement so you can always keep both legs on the ground and perform a traditional deadlift if it’s too challenging.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself further, try the movement with one arm holding the weight. In this variation, the instructions remain the same except that as you lower the weight you will keep it in the same hand as the leg that is lifted.

Your opposite hand and arm will remain by your side.

Observe your form. A common mistake with the one-leg deadlift is that people open their hips to the side. Think about keeping your upper body and hips in a square that points forward and toward the ground while you move.

Take things slowly. This movement is about balance and power, not speed. For the single-leg variation, perform between six and eight repetitions on each side for a total of three sets. For the double leg version, complete 12 repetitions for three sets.

You can incorporate this movement into any strength training or leg day routine.

That’s everything you need to know to implement successful bigger butt workouts for the perfect peach booty.