Bicep Workouts That Add Inches To Your Arms

bicep workouts

The Best Bicep Workouts For Huge Biceps

If you want to add some serious mass to your biceps then keep reading. This is a collection of the very best bicep building exercises that you should do after working your back with rows and lat pulldowns.

The finishing effect from these moves are guaranteed to add thickness to your upper arms.

For pretty much every person on the planet, a large amount of emphasis is placed on developing great biceps since they’re one of the “vanity muscles” (chest and abs are the other two).

When you have big guns it shows the world that you know what you’re doing in the gym and take pride in building your body.

Let’s not forget that the majority of your upper arm mass is due to your triceps so it’s really important to give them some love too if you really want to maximize the size and growth of your arms.

This may seem obvious but one of the most critical keys to muscle development in any area of the body is to lift very heavy weights. The strain your body takes from heavy lifting is what creates the stimulus to create new muscle.

You also need to focus on taking in enough calories and doing enough reps and sets but focusing on exercises that will allow you to lift the most weight will help you reach your bicep goals in no time.

In most cases, you’ll be lifting the most weight by doing rows and pulldowns which target the biceps as a secondary muscle group. Doing these movements often in your workout program followed by bicep specific exercises will really catapult your results.

Don’t underestimate the power that compound movements have on your overall muscular development.

Let’s dive in to the best bicep workouts exercises you should include in your current workout routine.

Barbell Curl

Most people who lift weights are able to use a slightly heavy weight when doing barbell curls as opposed to doing dumbbell curls. You’re going to take advantage of this fact by working with a barbell so you can really load up the weight and challenge your biceps.

Weight isn’t the only important factor to keep in mind. You also want to make sure you don’t rush through your reps by performing half range reps and swinging the weight up from the bottom of the movement.

It may look impressive to swing heavy weights around but when you deprive your muscles of proper stimulation by letting momentum do your work for you, you’ll end up with arms that aren’t getting bigger and that’s not impressive at all.

Do the movement slowly and this should really help in eliminating or reducing any momentum you might bring into the exercise.

Standing Bicep Cable Curl

What makes this exercise unique is that it forces your body to recruit all the stabilizing muscles around the bicep to help out which in turn improves the size of your arm over time.

The cable provides constant tension on your arm and this lets you easily target the deep, inner fibers of the bicep. You’re free to use any attachment for this exercise including a regular bar, a rope, a strap or handle.

Incline Dumbbell Curl

This exercise will be slightly harder to perform than the barbell curl because it completely eliminates rocking your body and using momentum to lift the weight.

Your bicep will be forced to do all the work so don’t worry about the weight being less. If you’re pushing yourself and working up a sweat then that will get you the results you’re after.

Keep reading to learn the final exercises you need to include in your bicep workouts.

Concentration Curl

Yet another momentum-killing exercise is the classic concentration curl. If you’re sitting down and doing these with proper form, your biceps will have no other muscle to rely on for help. All the work will be on them.

Because of the intense load this puts on your biceps, you’ll definitely want to move this exercise to the end of your workout. They’ll be completely finished after a few sets of these.

Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

If you regularly do bent over rows as part of your workout program you may want to consider using a reverse grip as well. This will place even more emphasis on the biceps.

This is one of those exercises where you have to mentally focus on what muscle you want to target because depending on that focus you can either put more load on your back or your biceps. You can focus on either one or both. It’s really up to you.


These exercises are some of the best bicep building moves you get but you shouldn’t do all five exercises in every arm workout that you do.

You have the freedom to pick and choose what you want to incorporate into your existing routine and by changing the exercises you do now and then you’ll be sure to keep your muscles adapting to new challenges.

If you keep using heavy weights, eating all your calories and staying consistent with your training, don’t be surprised when you start adding inches to your arms in a relatively short period of time.

That’s really all you need to know when it comes to the best bicep workouts. Follow this guide, be consistent and be amazed at the results you get in just a few short weeks!