Best Butt Workouts – 7 Exercises For A Firmer Butt

best butt workouts

These Are The Best Butt Workouts For A Bigger Booty. You Only Need Minutes A Day

Despite what mainstream media will have you believe, your sexy behind is not just for people to stare at.

Training the butt with the best butt workouts will have the added benefit of preventing future knee and back injuries.

Not only that, but since the butt is comprised of a rather large muscle group, this means you’ll be burning more calories than you would touting those tiny rubber dumbbells around.

What’s not to love about these glute workouts? Move speed and explosiveness from having strong, firm buns as well as making people stare in admiration at your awesome curves.

The Best Butt Workouts Exercise List

Squat With Side Turn

Step 1 – Place a barbell on your shoulders (not the neck!) and use a good, wide grip. Stand with your feet far apart and your toes pointing outwards, lower your body at the waist until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Step 2 – While in the squat position, keep your feet in place and rotate your entire body to the left by pivoting on your right toes and left heel. Hold this position for a second and immediately repeat on the right side.

Perform 12-15 repetitions to each side.

Tip – Make sure to keep your center of gravity low at all times (don’t stand up during a set). Keep the chest out, the stomach tight and ensure your upper body stays upright.

Butt Push

Step 1 – Lie down on your stomach and rest your head on your folded arms as if you were going to sleep. Angle your right knee to the right and place your right foot on your left calf muscle.

Step 2 – From this position, firmly tighten the right butt cheek as you lift your leg off your calf muscle. Keep your hips low throughout this exercise.

Perform 12-15 repetitions for each leg.

Lunge With Kickback

This is great for butt development as well as coordination.

Step 1 – Hold a light dumbbell in each hand and put your right leg half a step behind your left leg and slightly more left than where your left foot is. Only the toes of your right foot should stay in contact with the ground.

Step 2 – From this starting position, go down as low as possible, bending at the knees so that the left knee extends beyond the left foot.

Step 3 – Straighten the left leg and simultaneously completely straighten your right leg behind you. Tilt your upper body forwards to a 45 degree angle, hold for a second a return to the starting position.

Perform 12-15 repetitions and then switch legs.

Leg Raises

Step 1 – Lie face down along a training bench with your hips resting on the edge and your legs hanging off the bench.

Step 2 – Tighten your butt muscles and lift your legs up as far as you can comfortably lift them. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then lower your legs close to the ground without ever touching the floor.

Perform 10-12 repetitions.

Reverse Lunge Step and Squat Combo

Step 1 – While holding a pair of dumbbells, place your right foot on an aerobic step and take a big step backwards with your left leg. Perform a regular lunge so your left knee is slightly above the ground.

Step 2 – Straighten your legs and get both feet on the aerobic step and squat and hold for 2 seconds. Stand up and repeat this procedure with the opposite leg.

Perform 10-12 repetitions per leg.

Tip – Keep your spine in its natural curvature and your head upright throughout this exercise.

Dumbbell Deadlifts

Step 1 – Stand with your together, keeping a slight bend in the knees. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms resting on the front of your thighs.

Step 2 – Bend at the hip and keep your upper body straight as you make it almost parallel with the floor. Let the weights slide down to just below your knees. Return to the starting position with the dumbbells close to your thighs.

Perform 8-10 repetitions.

Tip – This movement is all about the hips. Only pivot at the hips and keep your legs and upper body stable.

Standing to Support

This is a full body movement that will really get your cardiovascular system going.

Step 1 – Stand up straight and let your arms rest at the sides of your body.

Step 2 – Bend your knees and lower your upper body and place your palms flat on the floor. Keep your arms straight and outside the thighs which should pass between your arms. Shift your weight to your toes as you lift your heels off the ground.

Step 3 – Push your feet back explosively, keeping your hands in place so that you end up in a push up position. Hold this position for a second before jumping back to the previous position in step 2. Return to a standing position.

Perform 12-15 repetitions.

This concludes one of the best butt workouts online. Stick with the program and I’m telling you, you’ll have the sexiest behind in no time at all!