Battle Rope Workout – The Real Way To Train

battle rope workout

Looking For The Best Battle Rope Workout? Read On For Details

Battle rope training has become very popular and brings along with it many benefits for your body. We’re going to cover some recommended battle rope exercises that you can incorporate into your next workout session so check them out and choose your favorites.

A new way of training has arrived in gyms. We’re talking, of course, about battle rope training which is suitable for those looking for a complete, dynamic and explosive training routine for the whole body.

Battle ropes are large and heavy, which increases strength and endurance, strengthens the abs, arms and shoulders as well as the rest of the body.

A battle rope workout activates all muscle groups simultaneously and allows for freedom of movement. If you want an upper body workout, this rope is a great tool. Now, onto those exercises!

Battle Rope Exercises

Alternating Waves

The first movement we present to you is one of the simplest. The waves allow you to tone the arms and shoulders and at the same time increase your heart rate. To do this exercise you must have a rope in each hand with the palms facing each other and the thumbs at the top of the rope.

Then, extend your arms by bending your knees slightly. Raise one arm to shoulder height and as you let it drop down, raise the other arm and alternate this pattern. Do all movements in this bent position if you want to work your lower body more.

Jumping With The Rope

This movement combines a regular jump with the battle rope for increased intensity.

You have to spread your knees to shoulder width and then, while holding a rope in each hand, perform the jump. This involves doing side jumps both in and out, while the arms go up and down.

This will strengthen the arms and shoulders and also the rest of the body. This exercise should last one minute.

Side Shots

To do this exercise you have to hold a rope in both hands. Then place both of them at head height as you turn your body to the right and step forward with your right foot.

As you do this, bring the ropes down so that they touch the ground. Repeat the movement by throwing yourself forward to the left. You have to alternate each time for a total of 10 repetitions per side.

Lateral Movements With Alternating Waves

To start this exercise, hold a rope in each hand. The feet should be placed further ahead of the shoulders and the knees should be slightly bent.

Move your feet to the right as you raise your right hand and rope to shoulder level, while simultaneously lowering your left hand and rope down to hip height.

This push must be powerful for the ropes to move in opposite directions. You must alternate arms quickly as you take 5 steps to the right. Without stopping your arms, change direction by taking 5 steps to the left while creating waves with the ropes. Repeat the sequence 3 times in each direction.

Making Circles With The Battle Rope

Although it looks like a simple exercise, it is ideal for strengthening the shoulders. To begin, spread your feet to shoulder width and bend your knees slightly.

Grab the rope with your palms facing down, put your arms over your shoulders and move them as if you were making circles. Do them clockwise for 30 seconds then do them the other way around for another 30 seconds.

Finally, remember that the battle rope is ideal for muscle development as well as burning fat and it also promotes cardiovascular endurance. Knowing this, you really need to add this power tool to your battle rope workout.


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