Alexis Ren Ab Workout – Get Instagram Worthy Abs

alexis ren ab workout

This Is The Official Alexis Ren Ab Workout Routine. Now You Can Get The Abs Of An Influencer

Who is Alexis Ren and what are the abs exercises you can do to get the same Instagram worthy abs as her?

It’s no exaggeration to say that there are no teens around who don’t know who Alexis Ren is.

But if you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years here’s a little bit of info about his famous Instagrammer. She may be young but she’s setting a trend of fitness and confidence in women around the world. As a young role model she’s definitely an inspiration to many.

Alexis Ren Background Info

Alexis Ren is a popular Instagrammer and model born on November 23, 1996 (currently 25 years old). She was born and raised in California and is of German-Russian descent.

Her father is a lawyer and her mother a nutritionist, but at the young age of 17, her mother, Cynthia, unfortunately lost her battle against cancer.

Alexis has been a model for Brandy Melville for quite some time since she was scouted at the age of 13 and has since been extremely popular with a wide range of age groups. Her Instagram followers are currently about 14 million. Not bad at all.

Recently, she has appeared in the unofficial Chainsmokers music video, Paris and has released her own fitness brand, Ren Active. These are quite impressive accomplishments for the lovely Alexis Ren.

Workout Program

Alexis isn’t just another influencer. She stands for fitness which is great to see these days where people can get caught up in social media and forget about living a more active lifestyle.

You don’t get a physique like hers by only posting perfectly crafted images on Instagram all day. Her fans were begging for her to share her secret workout routine and once the demand exploded she released her ab workout on YouTube for all her dedicated fans to enjoy.

Since its release, the video has garnered tens of millions of views and is still growing to this day. The video can be watched here:

The Official Alexis Ren Ab Workout

Alexis mentions that this is her daily routine which only takes 10 minutes to complete. Being disciplined in following this routine alongside eating a healthy diet will definitely give you Instagram worthy results too!

Please refer to the video details for the description of each of the 20 exercises.

One last thing to note is that Alexis says that even though she does this same ab workout every day, she still doesn’t get used to it and continues to get results from it.

It’s all about consistency so let’s do our best to stick with the program!

The Instagram Famous Abs Routine

The basic idea is simple: Perform 20 different exercises for 30 seconds each. I actually tried it and honestly it’s pretty tough. We’re talking 10 continuous minutes of ab work. Once your abs start burning, it doesn’t stop. Good luck!

Just try it a couple times and before you know it, you’ll be rocking an enviable six-pack and people will be asking you what your secret is.

The Alexis Ren Ab Workout Breakdown

Exercise 1

Sit Ups:  The classic ab exercise

Exercise 2

Knee Touch Crunches: Ab crunches while touching the knees

Exercise 3

Heel Touches:  Twist and touch your heels

Exercise 4

Bicycle Crunches: Ab crunches while stretching and bending your legs

Exercise 5

Russian Twists: Ab crunches while touching the knees

Exercise 6

Reach Through Crunches:  Touch the toes of your raised leg

Exercise 7

Toe Tap Leg Lifts:  Alternate lifting your bent legs

Exercise 8

Flutter Kicks:  Alternate raising your extended legs

Exercise 9

Scissor Kicks: Alternate crossing your extended legs

Exercise 10

Leg Lifts:  Raise and lower your legs with your legs extended

Exercise 11

Leg Up Alternating Toe Touch: Alternate touching your toes with your legs extended

Exercise 12

Crunch Kicks: Ab crunches that bend and stretch your legs

Exercise 13

Mountain Climbers:  Alternate bringing your knees in toward your stomach while keeping your body straight like a board

Exercise 14

Plank:  Keep your body straight like a board

Exercise 15

Right Side Plank:  Similar to exercise 14 above but do this exercise on the right side of your body instead of being in a regular push up position

Exercise 16

Left Side Plank:  Similar to exercise 15 above but do this on the left side of the body

Exercise 17

Plank again! (Exercise 14)

Exercise 18

Plank Twists:  Twist your butt left and right while keeping step 17

Exercise 19

Spider Climbers: Similar to Step 13, but alternate kicks with the knees facing out

Exercise 20

Russian Twists again! (Exercise 5)

Well there you have it. You’ve murdered your abs and you’re going to have mixed emotions about continuing tomorrow but do yourself a favour and stick with this ab routine for at least a week. Once you get some initial results you’ll be completely motivated to continue this routine and your future self with thank you for it.