Ab Workouts That Get Results Fast

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Ab Workouts That Work – It’s All About Results

There are so many different ab exercises to choose from. It can seem completely pointless finding the perfect ab workouts exercises to develop your abdominal muscles because of that fact.

I have to say that when it comes to strengthening your abs, there’s one protocol to follow. You need to make sure you continuously choose progressively difficult exercises.

This approach is much better than simply banging out a mindless numbers of reps and sets.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve successfully employed this abdominal exercise progression. It works for all kinds of people because it’s just that good.

It works and it works well.

Your mid section is going to become stronger and stronger, week after week. I guarantee you that so just stick with this system. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

These exercises are nothing to be scared of. They may seem like some really advanced mid section exercises which are impossible to do, however, in time, they’re going to become really easy for you to execute.

For each of the exercises listed below you can check out a comprehensive break down of how to do the moves properly. Use the helpful pictures to make it even easier to understand.

Ab Workouts Exercise #1 – Knee Crunches

The good thing about knee crunches is that they effectively target both the upper and lower abdominal region. They’re especially good for newcomers to ab training too.

This move is really ideal as you’re able to completely focus on strengthening your ab muscles. You might get lower back strain when you perform an regular ab exercise poorly but here’s it’s eliminated.

It’s not uncommon for some trainees to feel discomfort in the neck when doing this exercise though. If this happens to you, simply substitute these knee crunches with regular ab crunches. You can do this by keeping your feet on the ground and holding your hands behind your head.

Ab Strengthening Exercise #2 – Easy Bicycles

A natural progression from knee crunches in this set of ab workouts would be easy bicycles. These are a little more challenging because you need to simultaneously keep one leg controlled with your abs while your other leg stays on the ground.

Ab Strengthening Exercise #3 – Bicycles

This is a staple ab exercise capable of targeting all regions of your abs (upper, lower and obliques). This is because bicycles have an effective twisting motion.

Keep your legs just a few inches from the floor throughout the duration of this exercise. This really helps you get the most out of this exercise, giving your lower abs a run for their money.

Conversely, if you wanted to really hit the upper abdominal area you would raise your legs throughout the exercise. This increases tension in that area and also makes the entire move slightly easier to do.

If you want to add to the difficulty of this exercise you can enhance the contraction of this move. You do this by aiming to touch your knees with your elbows.

Ab Strengthening Exercise #4 – Reverse Crunches

Yet another progression in challenging your abs is to keep both legs up with reverse crunches.

My strong recommendation is to not do this exercise at all if you experience any pain. The same is true if you have a history of lower back pain.

Your entire abdominal wall will be hit hard with an intense contraction in the upper abs as you perform this exercise.

This is mainly because your knees are brought all the way into your chest while you squeeze your abs tightly.

Keep in mind the following when you’re at the position of full contraction. Keep your feet close to your buttocks to prevent your heels from being raised too high.

Ab Strengthening Exercise #5 – V-Ups

This final ab workouts exercise is an especially good exercise. This is because of the really strong contraction that you feel at the top of the movement. You’ll also feel another burning sensation in the lower abdomen region.

Just like with reverse crunches, you need to make sure that you don’t feel any pain in your lower back. Only do it if you feel no discomfort.

When it comes to form, don’t do what some people do and lift your back right off the floor. Try keeping your back on the ground instead and simply lifting your shoulders slightly off the floor.

Another pro tip is to make sure you aren’t opening up the door to unnecessary injury. This can happen any time you use momentum throughout the movement.

Everything needs to be slow and completely controlled. No cheating.

If you’re really feeling like a challenge don’t be scared to add some weight. You can place an appropriate weight like a dumbbell or weight plate between your feet while doing this move. Use something like a 10lb or 15lb weight and take extra care not to hurt your lower back.