10 Minute Ab Workout – How To Get Abs Fast

10 minute ab workout

Short On Time But Want Results? This 10 Minute Ab Workout Is For You

Abs. They’re so desirable and if you asked anyone if they want a six pack or not, they’ll all say yes. It’s probably the most attractive muscle group around which seems to be confirmed by all of those surveys aimed at women.

Abs are simply a sign of great health and genetics which is impressive to have and in order to have that sexy six pack you have to be on top of your eating program otherwise you’ll be rocking an unimpressive mid section.

Have no fear. After putting in the hours at the gym and watching what you eat, you’ll eventually get to the point where your abs are now the envy of everyone else and people start asking you what you do to get such amazing abs.

Before we get into the good stuff, it’s important to be aware of what you really shouldn’t be doing and what will get in the way of your ab progress.

  1. Crazy Amounts of Crunches

There’s a movie called American Psycho where a character by the name of Patrick Bateman brags about the fact that he can do 1000 consecutive crunches. Now this is both impressive and unnecessary because your abs are just like any other muscle in your body.

The react the same way to exercises just like your chest and biceps do so why are people obsessing about increasing the number of crunches they can do? The law of exercise is to use progressive overload.

If the exercise becomes easy you need to make it more difficult to keep getting results.

  1. Side Bends

This popular weighted exercise which targets the obliques should be avoided. This muscle group develops relatively easily and the problem with over developed obliques is that it counteracts the ideal V-taper that makes a well developed physique look so good.

It ruins the shoulder to waist ratio. Do not do this exercise.

  1. Not Training the Lower Back

As much as you may only care about having sexy abs, a big chest and bulging biceps, your body needs to be balanced and over developed abs will lead to injury and back problems later down the road.

By all means, train your abs really hard but don’t forget to include some exercises specifically targeting your lower back such as supermans and hyperextentions.

Ok. I’m done ranting. Time to get into this great ab program!

In order to get a complete core workout we need to target several areas relating to abs and in this particular program you’ll be focusing on the following areas:

  • Planks
  • Lower Back
  • Transverse Abs
  • Lower Abs
  • Oblique Stability

If you noticed that there isn’t anything directly focusing on the upper abs that’s because it’s actually not necessary to specifically do upper ab work much the same way gymnasts don’t do tons of crunches but have amazing abs anyway.

Also, if you have back problems or don’t perform crunch movements properly, you’re asking to get injured and by avoiding upper ab work you’re also avoiding potential and unnecessary injuries. No one wants that.

10 Minute Ab Workout Program


You may not realize it but the plank is really good at developing a six pack because in the plank position your abs have to activate while your spine is straight.

In other words, you’re working your core without doing a crunching motion which translates to abs that pop out really nicely when you’re not flexing. How many people can pull that off?

Here are some plank variations that you can mix and match from:

  • Classic Plank
  • Stability Ball Plank
  • Elevated Feet Plank

Lower Back

Remember, training your lower back is essential in any ab program. Here is a list of back-saving exercises:

  • Hyperextentions
  • Supermans
  • Reverse Hyperextentions
  • Bird Dogs

Transverse Abs

This muscle is one of the most important parts of your core as it helps keep your core firm and supports the spine. Think of it as the body’s built-in weight belt.

If your transverse abs are weak your stomach may protrude and you’re likely to injure your back often. Gymnasts have hightly developed transverse abdominals simply because of their strict training routines and the result is a tight set of abs.

Try some of these transverse ab exercises:

  • Ab Roller On Knees
  • Dragon Flag
  • Ab Roller From Standing
  • Body Saw

Lower Abs

No ab workout routine is complete without training the lower abs. If you’re looking to get some really shredded abs that have a complete appearance from top to bottom then try out some of the following exercises:

  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Lying Leg Raises
  • Captain’s Chair Leg Raises
  • Captain’s Chair Knee Raises
  • Pulse Ups

Oblique Stability

To avoid the oblique muscles from overdeveloping you need to perform isometric exercises which strengthen the muscles without increasing muscle mass. Here are the best isometric exercises for oblique stability:

  • Side Plank
  • Renegade Rows

Complete 10 Minute Ab Workout Routine

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to this ab workout. You just need to select an exercise from each of the 5 groups above so that you’re doing a total of 5 exercises per ab workout.

For planks and side planks, hold the position for as long as possible. For side planks, make sure to do the exercise on both sides of your body.

For other exercises, do 3 sets of 8-15 repetitions based on your current strength and fitness level.

As you progress and the exercises become easier, add in another exercise for each of the 5 listed sections and do those exercises back to back. In other words, do 2 exercises for planks, then 2 exercises for your lower back etc.

Do this workout 2-3 times a week on non weightlifting days or at the end of your weightlifting session if you go to the gym more often than 3 times per week.


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